Thursday, April 29, 2010

Child's Play Part 2

This week I posted a copyrighted photo by New York City designer Roxane W. Isbey, Jr.  I asked you some questions to get your creative juices flowing and to reconnect with your natural sensing which may have gone dormint during your development from childhood into adulthood.  Since children usually get o play every day -- yes, remember that time in your life when you literally played every signal day!  Well, it is only right that I ask you to 'play' twice in one week!  Here is another of Roxane's incredible photos.  Now answer this challenge.

Dr. Success Challenge:  Look around your environment today.  Do you see beauty?  If so, where and what does it remind you of.  And of course, if this photo sparks a memory or two pay attention to those memories.  Now here is the real quesiton:  If this photo represented one of you most cherised life goals yet to achieve, what goal would it be and why does it remind you of that goal? 

Thank you, Andrea T. Goeglein, PhD
Dr. Success

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